things: software: PcbSubtraction


PcbSubtraction takes gcode from pcb-gcode and adds probing routines. This probing ensures that the copper is milled away with respect to the top surface of the board. This means that if your bed isn't completely flat, or if the board you are using has varience you will still get a clean board. The concept of height probing was thought up by Poul-Henning Kamp. He wrote up a why he thinks probing is necessary here. The host and firmware that is provided here is compatible with reprap electronics.


How to use

This software is currently in beta and I'm still working on the documentation. If you have any specific questions, drop me a line.


Release Notes: This is still a work in progress. The biggest limitation is the number of allowed probes. In this version the results of probing are stored on the micro-controller, limiting the number of allowed probes to 315. In a future version probing results will be stored on the host computer, virtually allowing for an infinite number of surface probes.